Frequently Asked Questions

Board Meetings
When are the board meetings held? What happens at a board meeting? View
Information about what happens at board meetings, about the different types of meetings, and the schedule of when they are held can be found by clicking here.
Colony Commons
How can I reserve the Party Room? View
The Colony Commons - also known as the Party Room - is just a phone call away!

The Colony Commons is available to the residents for a $150 deposit upon the completion of the reservation form. The office maintains a reservation calendar and will issue you the key a few days before your scheduled event. In order to refund your deposit you must ensure there is no damage, the room is clean, trash is removed, and the key is returned to the office. Remember that you are responsible for the actions of all those using The Colony Commons during this period. This includes any and all repair and replacement costs resulting from damage to the room occurring during or as a result of your use of The Colony Commons.
When will Colony at Edina be FHA certified again? View
Time frame for the re-certification is unknown at this point. Colony at Edina is awaiting the newest guidelines criteria to get the certification back. Once we receive the guidelines, it will take quite a while to accomplish. The Board will continue to update owners as more information on the FHA certification process progresses.
Trees and shrubs on the Colony property View
The Colony has invested in landscaping throughout the property for the benefit of all of our homeowners and residents. As is the case with many large properties, we are constantly in the process of updating and improving our look and thus occasionally plants may be removed or trimmed. The Colony employs landscapers to maintain the common areas. Please refrain from trimming, shaping or otherwise altering the bushes and trees on the property. If you notice a shrub or tree in bad shape and you feel it needs some attention, please let the General Manager know so that the issue can be dealt with. No homeowner or resident should be landscaping common areas.
Laundry rooms
I'm a very busy person, is it okay for me to leave my laundry and related items in laundry room while I run my errands? View
We can appreciate that everyone is busy these days. Please respect your neighbors and remove your laundry and other related items in a timely manner. People don't like to remove other people's clothes to do their own, so please be respectful and ensure you’re efficiently using the facility. Also please refrain from consuming the entire laundry room and be respectful that others will need to use the facility. The laundry facilities service many individuals and we ask that you try to work together to utilize this amenity.
Management Time
What does it mean when the posted office hours state "Office Open & Management Time" View
Management hours are set aside for the General Manager to meet with Staff, contractors and vendors and for uninterrupted work time. During these hours the office phone will not be answered. If you have an emergency we ask that you call the emergency number and if necessary, the staff will alert the General Manager. Otherwise please leave a message and the General Manager will contact you as soon as possible.

I understand that pets are allowed, do you have any restrictions? View
Yes, pets are allowed within the boundaries set forth in the Rules and Regulations for Colony at Edina. One dog, up to ~ but not exceeding 40 lbs., up to two cats, or one of each, of which all must be properly registered with the office ~ upon arrival at Colony at Edina.

We ask that you leash your dog and don't allow tied up, unattended near unit.

We ask that you not dispose of kitty litter in the laundry room or allow your litter box to affect the livability of the other units in your building structure with odors emitting.
When is the pool open and how do we get in, is there a key or something? View
The pool is open Memorial Day (Saturday) through Labor Day (Monday), weather permitting. The 3-digit code is posted in the May newsletter each year.
Pool hours are from 9AM-9PM daily.
What process do I need to follow to renovate my kitchen or bathroom? View
The Colony encourages and support home owners investing in their properties. We do not want to hinder the updating of your property, but we do want to make sure we are looking out for the interests of all property owners. Thus, we have a renovation policy that home owners must follow. Please contact the office BEFORE you start the planning process so you understand all requirements. Additionally, each project must have proper permits from the City of Edina.
Smell or see smoke
What should I do if I smell or see smoke in my building? View
Call 9-1-1!!!!! Then call the office at 952-920-6464 to properly identify the location and assist us in getting the Maintenance Personnel and General Manager there to assist the firefighters and police with resident information, etc. Please don't just call the office without 9-1-1. Thank you!
Smoking in common areas
Is it true that I cannot smoke in the common areas of the Association? View
Smoking is not allowed in common areas of The Colony. Those areas include the office & colony commons, pool area, garages, building hallways, building entryways, laundry rooms, or any area (such as a limited common element, i.e. a patio) that can affect the overall livability of another unit. The grounds and drive paths are a gray area and residents should adhere to the "impact of livability" when in these areas. You must properly dispose of all butts after fully extinguishing them.

Those violating the policy are subject to a fine.
Why can't I store my personal belongings in the "community" garage area, if I keep it in my stall? View
Items left in gallery garages are an attractive nuisance and cause non- residents to check out the property. Because of past vehicle break-ins the Board established that residents are not allowed to store non-vehicle related personal property in the garage structure.
How can I deal with a neighbor’s trees that are impacting my property or common element property? View
First, we ask that you try talking with the person responsible for the tree's maintenance and share your concerns, giving them an opportunity to remedy on their own. We then ask that you notify the office of your concerns and the conversation with responsible tree owner. Occasionally, multiple owners are able to partner and share the costs of tree maintenance which benefits both parties.

The Association is inventorying the property, as a whole, for safety of broken tree limbs left hanging in trees after years of storm damage, and just aging of the trees. This is just one of the items of interest for the Board and the membership regarding the overall curb appeal of Colony at Edina.
TV - television service
I understand that the Association for Colony at Edina provides basic package Comcast, how can I upgrade? View
In order to upgrade from the basic package of Comcast, provided by the Association, simply call Comcast at 651-222-3333 and request your preferred plan. The office doesn't need to assist you in this process, we simply provide the basics with your dues and cable payment process.
How can I get a copy of the monthly update ~ newletters? View
E-mail subscription is highly encouraged. No access to e-mail? Pick one up from boxes on railing next to office.
View Newsletters on Website in News.
Why do we have to take down all the beautiful vines throughout the property? View
Vines damage wood fencing and create porous openings in the brick (allowing moisture deteriorate the brick and mortar), significantly reducing the life and increasing maintenance cost.
Water Heater
When will the Association replace my water heater? It's over 10 years old, for sure! View
The Association will replace your water heater upon the failure of, or if it begins leaking,. We are unable to simply replace your water heater due to its age.
Water leaks in Unit
What should I do if I see water dripping into my unit from the ceiling? View
If you are a first floor unit owner, immediately ask the unit owner above you to turn off the source of the water, to minimize damages. Then notify the office for Maintenance Personnel to review and advise the next process.

If you are a second floor unit owner, call the office and identify where the water is coming in. If after hours, call the emergency maintenance number. Our maintenance personnel will review as quickly as possible and work to minimize damages. If possible, they will conduct minor repairs to fix the problem. In some cases they will work to stop the problem and seek other solutions as needed from outside contractors.
Why are there so many weeds everywhere when the lawn crew sprayed them? View
The sprays are limited in their effectiveness if it's windy or rains shortly after the application process.

A lot of what we are faced with is the deterioration of the fabric below the rock that is allowing the fine fibers of the weed seeds to be embedded and allowed to take root. To remove weeds by hand is very time consuming and expensive, at best. We are trying measures to remedy but there truly is no overall "quick fix".
Window cleaning
How can I get my outside windows cleaned? View
There are a number of contractors in the industry who specialize in exterior window cleaning, check on the internet or with friends and family who have used such services.

Colony staff does not do outside window cleaning either on duty or after hours.
Yard Waste
How can I dispose of the yard waste from my area? View
Large limbs that are difficult to breakdown may be put next to the compost sheds.

Smaller limbs, leaves, used potting soil and excess dirt can be bagged up and put in one of the two yard waste sheds. All yard waste must be bagged (paper or plastic yard bag) and sealed. Open bags or simply dumping waste is NOT allowed. Hanging planters, basket, pots, or other sort containers are not allowed to be disposed of in the shed. Please recycle or trash these containers. The sheds locked for safety. Please contact the office for the access code.

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